What Holds You?

The Rev. Tom Baker St. Stephen’s, Horseshoe Bend, Ark. October 16, 2011 Year A Proper 24 Matthew 22:15-22 A few days ago my niece posted a picture on Facebook. On the right side, there were different logos of corporations, like Apple, McDonald’s, Nike, Izod, and Verizon. On the lefthand side, there were pictures of different kinds of leaves. The test … Read More

Milkbone Underwear

The Rev. Tom Baker St. Stephen’s Church, Horseshoe Bend, Ark. September 18, 2011 Fourteenth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 20 Matthew 20:1-16 The old TV series “Cheers” was about a group of friends who worked or gathered at a bar in Boston. There was the bar’s owner Sam; his girl friend Diane; the not so smart bartender Woody and his wise … Read More