Social Media Sunday

For a while last Sunday morning, the hashtag #episcopal was trending nationally on Twitter. That’s because Sunday, June 29, had been declared Social Media Sunday in The Episcopal Church, and congregations around the country were participating. Here in central Arkansas, another hashtag was also trending: #stmarkslr. St. Mark’s Episcopal Church in Little Rock saw the day as a chance to … Read More

The Spirit of God Moves through Our Imperfections

The Rev. Lisa Fry St. Mark’s, Little Rock Annunciation 2011 Picture this: a teenage girl, minding her own business, is confronted by a winged messenger who greets her unexpectedly. “Greetings, favored one. God is with you.” Now I ask you—what would you do if suddenly one morning you looked up and a rather intimidating looking creature appeared in your living … Read More

Great Expectations

The Rev. Lisa Fry St. Mark’s, Little Rock Nov. 27, 2011 Year B, Advent 1 The church is an odd place. Have you noticed that? Just when the secular world is ramping up for a spectacular end to the year—beginning with Halloween, cruising through Thanksgiving and culminating with Christmas—the Church year has ended. Episcopalians begin each year with Advent. These … Read More