Bishop Benfield Preaches Lyon, Staggs Ordination

Staggs, Lyon ordination

Kaye Staggs and Susan Lyon, two participants in the Iona Arkansas program, were ordained deacons last Saturday, August 8, at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral in Little Rock. Below is the sermon preached at the ordination by Bishop Benfield. Larry R. Benfield Diaconal Ordination of Lyon & Staggs 8 August 2015 Trinity Cathedral The ordinal for deacons in The Book of Common … Read More

The Bishop’s Sermon – March 25, 2012

Listen to Bishop Benfield’s sermon, delivered March 25, 2012, at St. Mark’s Episcopal in Hope, Ark. [audio:] CLICK TO DOWNLOAD. (You can also read the sermon.) Learn more about the ‘Top Ten Ways to Welcome the Stranger.’

Top Ten #1: Get Ready

Listen to the Bishop’s sermon, delivered March 12, 2012, at St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Rogers, Ark. [audio:] CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Learn more about the ‘Top Ten Ways to Welcome the Stranger.’

Bishop Benfield’s Sermon for Convention 2012

Get invited to eat at someone’s house on a Friday evening, and should you go, you will likely experience the following: something to snack on, then a salad, a main course and side dishes, and finally dessert. It is the order in which we eat, most likely learned at home from our parents and reinforced by most restaurants, not only … Read More

The Wilderness

The Rev. Mary Vano St. Margaret’s, Little Rock December 4, 2011 Advent 2B Mark 1:1-8 The opening verse of Mark’s Gospel begins like a pistol-shot at the start of a race: “The beginning of the Good News of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.” And then we’re off. Skip the birth of Jesus, go right to John the Baptist, then … Read More

Seeing Jesus in the World

The Rev. Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock Nov. 18, 2011 Proper 29A Last Sunday of Pentecost A book as old as the Bible is bound to refer to things that are unfamiliar to us. We don’t do much girding of the loins these days. Most of us don’t draw water from wells, or store our wine in skins. We … Read More

The Least of These

The Rev. Betsy Porter St. James Episcopal Church, Eureka Springs, Ark. November 20, 2011 Proper 29A Last Pentecost (Christ the King) Matthew 25:31-46 The king we honor on this day is Christ the King, the one whose focus is not on the rich and powerful, but on every single lost sheep, on every single homeless person and on every single … Read More

When the Dream Is the Path

The Rev. Teri Daily St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, Conway, Ark. November 6, 2011 All Saints Sunday, Year A Revelation 7, Matthew 5 There are two kinds of people in the world. If you’ve ever sat in board meetings or worked on group projects I’m sure you know this to be true. There are people who are goal-oriented, and there are … Read More

We Can’t Go It Alone

Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock November 6, 2011 21st Sunday after Pentecost Joshua 24.1-3a, 14-25 Around the turn of the century—1998, to be precise—some of us suddenly found the dream of starring in our own television show a little creepy, rather than just unlikely. We watched The Truman Show, as my kids did for the first time just last … Read More

The Talent of Trust

The Rev. Tom Baker St. John’s, Harrison, AR November 13, 2011 Year A, Proper 28 Matthew 25:14-30 I don’t know about you but I am not the most patient person and I don’t know too many people who like to wait. We live, after all, in an instant society. Microwaves make a whole dinner in just a few minutes. Look … Read More