Holy Name

The Rev. Scott Trotter Jan. 1, 2012 Holy Name Day Numbers 6:22-27; Galatians 4:4-7 or Philippians 2:5-11; Luke 2:15-21 Today is a rather unusual Sunday. As you know the lessons, and therefore the theme for any given Sunday is set by the Church calendar and the lessons appointed for the day. The Calendar sets aside: Easter, Ascension, Pentecost and Trinity … Read More

Being Ready

The Rev. Scott Trotter St. Stephen’s, Blytheville Year B, Advent 1 Isaiah 64:1-9; Psalm 80:1-7, 16-18; 1 Corinthians 1:3-9; Mark 13:24-37 I hope you had a good Thanksgiving. We did. Actually we had two. Michelle and her boy-friend came Friday. We cooked, baked, laughed, ate, … cried as LSU defeated Arkansas, then ate some more. We did all this Friday, … Read More

To Be Thankful Is to Be Blessed

The Rev. Scott Trotter Sunday After All Saints Revelation 7:9-17 Psalm 34:1-10, 22 1 John 3:1-3 Matthew 5:1-12 At the end of a long, long, long country road that not even the sounds of silence reach, the slowly undulating hills are home to the cemetery where the family has buried their own for generation after generation, after generation. As moss … Read More

Standing Tall

The Rev. Scott Trotter Proper 28A Judges 4:1-7 1 Thessalonians 5:1-11 Matthew 25:14-30 It must be fall it almost got cold the other night; football is in the air High School play-offs have begun. But it’s more than this, football is literally in the air. My wife is not a big sports fan, yes, she now knows the difference between … Read More

Ten Is Not Enough

The Rev. Scott Trotter Proper 23A Exodus 32:1-14; Psalm 106:1-6, 19-23; Philippians 4:1-9; Matthew 22:1-14 Apparently ten is not enough. Other than explanations, most of chapters 21–31 is God explaining how to put the Ten Commandments into daily use. God dictates it all to Moses. It takes a while. It’s hard to write on stone. The Hebrews get themselves in … Read More

In God’s Image

The Rev. Scott Trotter St. Stephen’s, Blytheville, and Calvary, Osceola Proper 24A Exodus 33:12-23; Psalm 99; 1 Thessalonians 1:1-10; Matthew 22:15-22 I want you to pretend, that you are the President of the United States. You are walking down the halls of congress when you see: Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi and John Boehner headed your direction. You can … Read More

By What Authority?

The Rev. John Scott Trotter St. Stephen’s, Blytheville; Calvary, Osceola Proper 21A Exodus 17:1-7; Psalm 78:1-4, 12-16; Philippians 2:1-13; Matthew 21:23-32 Today, the Hebrews are in Rephidim, thirsting, and once again complaining. Once again they are questioning Moses: Why did you bring us out to die of thirst? Sounds like last week: Why did you bring us out to starve? … Read More

Seeing with a Grace-Filled Eye

Rev. John Scott Trotter St. Stephen’s, Blytheville; Calvary, Osceola Proper 20A Exodus 16:2-15; Matthew 20:1-16 It doesn’t matter how you count it—seven verses or a month and a half—it hasn’t been all that long since God lead the Hebrews from slavery, under harsh conditions, through the miraculous parting of the Red Sea, into the wilderness of Sin, by way of … Read More

Remembrance of September 11

The Rev. Scott Trotter St Stephen’s, Blytheville and Calvary, Osceola September 11, 2011 Proper 19A Exodus 14:19-31; Psalm 114; Romans 14:1-12; Matthew 18:21-35 Today is the 1oth anniversary of September 11, 2001. I expect all of you have at least heard of the terrible events of that day. Although yesterday I heard of an elementary school teacher with close personal … Read More

Laboring in Faith

Fr. Scott Trotter St Stephen’s, Blytheville and Calvary, Osceola Sept. 4, 2011 Year A, Proper 18 Exodus 12:1-14; Psalm 149; Romans 13:8-14; Matthew 18:15-20 Good morning. It’s good to see everyone here on this Labor Day weekend. I promise to have you out in time for today’s Labor Day sales. The bible lessons for today present a wide spectrum. From … Read More