Resistance Is Futile

The Rev. Canon Jason Alexander St. Mark’s, Hope August 28, 2011 Proper 17, Year A Matthew 16:21-28 It’s official. School has begun. Across the state of Arkansas teachers are welcoming new flocks of eager learners. Classrooms are clean and stocked with arts and crafts supplies. Bulletin boards are freshly decorated with wavy borders and brightly colored butcher paper backgrounds. Children … Read More

The Faith That Keeps Us Afloat

The Rev. Canon Jason Alexander St. Mark’s, Little Rock August 7, 2011 Eighth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 14, Year A The story of Joseph and his brothers is well known in my family. We happen to own the DVD of Andrew Lloyd Webber’s Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat starring none other than Donny Osmond. And interestingly it gets just … Read More

Modern Family

The Rev. Canon Jason Alexander Holy Cross, West Memphis, and Grace Church, Wynne July 24, 2011 Sixth Sunday after Pentecost Proper 12, Year A Genesis 29:15-28 Occasionally there will be a TV show that captures the attention of both my wife and me. Most of the time our tastes differ. Typically, she’ll unwind watching real estate shows on HGTV or … Read More