Innovative Ideas

Two Little Rock VBSs Find Success with Fresh Approaches FOR THE SECOND YEAR IN A ROW, Christ Church in Little Rock and St. Luke’s in North Little Rock have teamed up to co-host a vacation Bible School. This year’s theme is “Go in Peace,” derived from the deacon’s dismissal at the end of the church service: “Go in peace to … Read More

How to Make a Palm Cross

Watch this short tutorial and learn to make you own palm crosses, just in time for Palm Sunday.

Seeing Jesus in the World

The Rev. Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock Nov. 18, 2011 Proper 29A Last Sunday of Pentecost A book as old as the Bible is bound to refer to things that are unfamiliar to us. We don’t do much girding of the loins these days. Most of us don’t draw water from wells, or store our wine in skins. We … Read More

We Can’t Go It Alone

Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock November 6, 2011 21st Sunday after Pentecost Joshua 24.1-3a, 14-25 Around the turn of the century—1998, to be precise—some of us suddenly found the dream of starring in our own television show a little creepy, rather than just unlikely. We watched The Truman Show, as my kids did for the first time just last … Read More

Remembering to Be Grateful

Patricia Matthews Christ Church, Little Rock Oct. 30, 2011 Proper 26, Year A Tomorrow night, our home will welcome a warrior and a witch. These two characters will come in from trick-or-treating and pour their candy out onto our floor. They will sort it, count it, divide it, and trade it. Then the eating will begin. And you know, there … Read More

Letting Go of Self

The Rev. Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock October 16, 2011 18th Sunday after Pentecost Proper 24A Have you ever tried really hard to see something that you can’t? I’ll bet you have. Early in our lives it’s the refrigerator light. You wonder if it’s always on or if the appliance mysteriously knows that you’re coming after the milk. Eventually, … Read More

Trading Authority for the Kingdom

The Rev. Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock Proper 21A Matthew 21:23-32 Even the chaos in the housing market of the past few years hasn’t managed to bump home ownership off of the American Dream essentials list. But why so many of us Americans are bent on owning houses isn’t clear to everyone. Financial advisors have long warned us that … Read More


The Rev. Scott Walters Christ Church, Little Rock September 4, 2011 Proper 18, Year A Matthew 18:15-20 In the fall of 1979 my parents took me on a short pilgrimage to the Purvis-Powell Sporting Goods Store. I had just made the 7th grade basketball team, and it was time to get a proper pair of shoes. That we were actually … Read More

Getting Past Our Fear of Change

The Rev. Kate Alexander Christ Episcopal Church, Little Rock, Ark. August 28, 2011 Proper 17, Year A Matthew 16:21-28 According to members of my extended family, Little Rock has officially arrived. It depends on how one defines that, of course. For some it has to do with which headliners come to the Verizon Arena, or what Broadway shows come to … Read More