General Convention Wrap-Up

A Letter from Bishop Benfield A decade can make a huge difference. My first experience of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church was in 2007, and my first General Convention was in 2009. In those days there was still considerable unease in the House of Bishops over where each bishop stood on a variety of issues, and roll … Read More

An Update from GC79: The House of Bishops

An Update from Bishop Benfield: At the General Convention Tuesday, two important things happened in the House of Bishops. First, the House brought back into the fold of the Episcopal Church the Diocese of Cuba. For many years Cuba had been a part of our church, but in 1966, after the political revolution in Cuba, the bishops cut ties with … Read More

Bishop Benfield Harvests Honey

Bishop Benfield spent much of the day Camp Mitchell, helping collect the honey from their beehives. (That’s right, he’s also a beekeeper.) Stay tuned for more info on where you’ll be able to buy the honey.

Seeing the Risen Christ in Each Other: A Message from Bishop Benfield

[The following article originally appeared in the Communique on March 29, 2012.] Photographs can present powerful images and ideas. On occasion I see one that causes me to think carefully about its message. Such was the case this week when I saw a photograph of people kneeling in prayer on the steps of the Supreme Court building and on the … Read More

Top Ten #1: Get Ready

Listen to the Bishop’s sermon, delivered March 12, 2012, at St. Andrew’s Episcopal in Rogers, Ark. [audio:] CLICK TO DOWNLOAD Learn more about the ‘Top Ten Ways to Welcome the Stranger.’

Bishop Benfield’s Sermon for Convention 2012

Get invited to eat at someone’s house on a Friday evening, and should you go, you will likely experience the following: something to snack on, then a salad, a main course and side dishes, and finally dessert. It is the order in which we eat, most likely learned at home from our parents and reinforced by most restaurants, not only … Read More

Our Daily Bread

Bishop Larry R. Benfield Emmanuel, Lake Village, and St. Paul’s, McGehee July 24, 2011 Year A Proper 12 Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 All that bread consists of is flour, yeast, water, salt, and perhaps some sort of fat, either solid or liquid, if you want to increase the bread’s keeping quality. You mix these ingredients together, let the dough rise, bake … Read More