Serving Christ in the Delta

Serving Christ in the Delta from Episcopal Arkansas on Vimeo. Those of you who attended last year’s diocesan convention will remember our guest speaker, Dr. Catherine Meeks, urging us to be active participants in dismantling racism and building what she called a “Beloved Community.” And then the recently concluded General Convention used that same language when it committed to racial … Read More

General Convention Wrap-Up

A Letter from Bishop Benfield A decade can make a huge difference. My first experience of the House of Bishops of the Episcopal Church was in 2007, and my first General Convention was in 2009. In those days there was still considerable unease in the House of Bishops over where each bishop stood on a variety of issues, and roll … Read More

Update from #GC79: Drawings from Jeannie McCabe

For ten days in July I sat on the floor of the House of Deputies at The 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church. There were volumes of dialogue (most orderly, respectful, civil and diverse, I might add) that challenged my visual learning style. I have discovered that when I “take notes” in word pictures, I not only can recall … Read More

An Update from GC79: Many Languages, One Love

An update from the Rev. Mary Vano: I remember my first trip to Disney World as a child not so much for the rides, but for the sounds of the people around me.  I had never heard so many different languages being spoken in one place.  Now at the 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church, it is a true joy … Read More

An Update from GC79: The House of Bishops

An Update from Bishop Benfield: At the General Convention Tuesday, two important things happened in the House of Bishops. First, the House brought back into the fold of the Episcopal Church the Diocese of Cuba. For many years Cuba had been a part of our church, but in 1966, after the political revolution in Cuba, the bishops cut ties with … Read More

An Update from GC79: What Are They Doing Down There?

A reflection from the Rev. Stan McKinnon, a deputy to General Convention: Before I left for General Convention, one of my parishioners from Grace, who is new to the Episcopal Church, asked me, “What in the world do you do for twelve days at this convention?” I tried my best to explain that General Convention is kind of like the … Read More

An Update from GC79: Bishop Benfield

An Update from Bishop Benfield: The 79th General Convention of the Episcopal Church has settled into its work. There are nine legislative days of convention, and we have finished three of them. The six that remain will be filled with legislative action. Much of convention so far has been spent in committee work. These meetings begin at 7:30 a.m., and … Read More

An Update from GC79: Marriage Rite Consideration

Another update from the Rev. Jim McDonald: There were two resolutions being consider regarding marriage rites. These resolutions were assigned to the special committee appointed to consider whether to make revisions to our prayer book or work to replace it. The committee held hearing to consider a resolution originating form the House of Deputies (HOD), and one originating from the … Read More

An Update from GC79: Prayer Book Revisions

The Rev. Michael McCain, an alternate deputy to General Convention, sent the following update: Prayer Book revision is one of the more notable conversations that is taking place so far in this General Convention. The General Convention formed a specific committee, to focus on resolutions related to this topic. The Committee to Receive the Report of Resolution A169, at the … Read More