Holy Week and Easter in the Time of COVID-19

A Letter from Bishop Benfield​The Christian Church across the world is preparing for a Holy Week and Easter unlike any we have known. We will not be gathering in person, either to observe the Passion or to celebrate the Resurrection. It does not mean, however, that we will not find ways to gather. On Monday I had a Zoom meeting … Read More

Thank You for Being the Church

25 March 2020 A Letter from Bishop Benfield COVID-19, as nefarious as it is, has had at least one positive effect: it is bringing out the best of the people in our churches. I am hearing stories of outreach ministries, such as feeding programs, that continue to operate under new and challenging circumstances, and I know that our members are making … Read More

How to Love Your Neighbor During a Pandemic

An Update from Bishop Benfield All of us continue to struggle with appropriate responses to the presence of COVID-19, a situation that is taking us into uncharted territory as a church. I am not certain how long this virus will remain virulent among us, but I am certain that as Christians, the second Great Commandment should undergird the responses we … Read More

All Congregations Urged Not to Meet

13 March 2020 An Update from Bishop Benfield Each day public health authorities are either mandating or urging additional steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19. In many jurisdictions, large gatherings, including church services, have now been prohibited. So far that sort of prohibition is not the case in Arkansas. It is apparent, though, that people want appropriate actions taken … Read More

Churches Encouraged to Close in Three Arkansas Counties

12 March 2020 The spread of COVID-19 is affecting gatherings, both secular and religious, across Arkansas. This is new territory for us as a church, and its presence among us is going to require creative responses. There is much that we do not yet know about how easily the virus is spread and when its transmission will peak, for example. … Read More