Spiritual Direction Goals

The purpose of spiritual direction is to assist others to see the presence of God in their lives, to find the truth of their own existence and encourage them to be faithful to it. There is a necessity for someone whose soul has been awakened to find a soul friend with whom to share their whole life interior journey and help them see God at work in their lives.

All spiritual directors (companions) who are authentically called to this ministry want to assist directees (companions) in realizing their spiritual goals or desires—growing in relationship with God, entering into discernment regarding a particular decision (See discernment below for further description), righting a relationship with another, discovering the presence of God in the ordinary, learning how to pray, or living a life of greater justice or compassion. Whatever the spiritual desire of the directee, spiritual directors (companions) want to assist their directees (companions) with these endeavors. The spiritual director is not a therapist, solving life’s problems, but a guide caring for the directee’s soul, helping the directee see God working in his or her life.


  1. Most fundamental task of discernment: to see beyond surface appearances to the intangible spiritual identity, e.g., a felt sense of one’s authentic identity in God. To help directees (companions) to see and experience their foundational identity in God; then help directees (companions) distinguish authentic and inauthentic expressions of that identity in the actual practice of direction.
  2. The process of distinguishing or sifting through interior movements to discover whether their origin is from God or some other source—one’s own ego, cultural conditioning, e.g., that which moves you away from God rather than toward God.
  3. The process of weighing alternative courses of action in order to choose the one that seems most congruent with God’s will.

Spiritual Directors in Arkansas

Kaye Bernard
479-582-4722 | k.bernard@yahoo.com

William “Skip” Cochran
Little Rock
501-221-1607 or 501-413-9520
No fee required; optional charitable donation to church of choice

Tom Elliot
Sherwood/Little Rock or FaceTime/Skype
Roman Catholic
501-478-5060 | Tom@DeepWardly.com

The Rev. Merry Helen Hedges
Little Rock
501-868-7506 | mhhedges@earthlink.net
Donation to St. Francis House

Sam Loudenslager
Little Rock
No fee

Betsy McNeil
NW Arkansas
Roman Catholic
479-366-1052 | spiritualdirectorbmc@yahoo.com
$40-$60/hr, or ability to pay

The Rev. Sara Milford
Bentonville, Ark.
479-799-1890 | sara@everydaysimple.org
No fee

Alice Nahas
Paris, Ark.
Roman Catholic
479-651-1616 | anahas@me.com
$40-$60/hr or ability to pay

Dr. Lance Sawyer
Mena, Ark.
Inter-denominational Christian
479-234-7943 | lmjlsawyer@yahoo.com
Negotiable fee

The Rev. Joanna Seibert
Little Rock
501-425-8525 | joannaseibert@me.com
$50/hr, donated to the St. Mark’s Episcopal Church Clergy Discretionary Fund

David Sims
Fort Smith
479-782-9912 or 479-474-3144 | dsimsefm@aol.com
Negotiable fee