The Diocese of Arkansas currently offers Safeguarding God's Children online and will soon offer Safeguarding God's People online. It is Internet-based. You just log on with a high-speed Internet connection and complete your courses. Each step-by-step course ends with a brief quiz to ensure that you understand all of this important information. You’ll also have a chance to provide feedback on the course content and usability. Your church can also host a live training. Contact Randall Curtis for a list of trainers in the diocese.

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Sexual Responsibility Policies

The Diocese of Arkansas recently updated its sexual responsibility policies. There are three:

All people in the diocese who engage in Pastoral Relationships must do the following: 1) familiarize himself or herself with all three policies; 2) submit to a background check every five years; and 3) complete sexual responsibility training every five years, either online or at a live training event.

Background Checks

The Diocese of Arkansas has authorized Praesidium and Oxford Documentation as preferred background screening services. Click for more information. If a person has completed a background check with another organization in the past five years and can supply official documentation, that background check may be considered. Please contact Randall Curtis with any questions.