All people in the diocese who engage in pastoral relationships must do the following:

  1. familiarize him- or herself with all three sexual responsibility policies;
  2. complete sexual responsibility training every five years, either online or at a live training event; and
  3. submit to a background check every five years.

Sexual Responsibility Policies

Each congregation should have one person who is in charge of ensuring that the congregation is in compliance with these policies.


The Diocese of Arkansas currently offers Safeguarding God's People Training online. It is internet-based and located at This system has recently been updated, in July 2021, and as we learn more about the new system we will be publishing resources here on how to use the system. If you have any questions please contact Randall Curtis at

Each step-by-step course ends with a brief quiz to ensure that you understand all of this important information. You’ll also have a chance to provide feedback on the course content and usability.
List of Classes by Position

How to Create a User in the Safeguarding System

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Background Checks

The Diocese of Arkansas has authorized Praesidium and Oxford Documentation as preferred background screening services. If a person has completed a background check with another organization in the past five years and can supply official documentation, that background check may be considered. Please contact Randall Curtis with any questions.

More Information on Background Checks