All people in the diocese who engage in pastoral relationships must do the following:

  1. familiarize themselves with the diocesan sexual responsibility policies;
  2. complete Safe Church training every three years online; and
  3. submit to a background check every five years.

Sexual Responsibility Policies

Each congregation should have one person who is in charge of ensuring that the congregation is in compliance with these policies.


The Diocese of Arkansas currently offers Safe Church training online. This training was recently updated, in 2021.

Each congregation will have its own log-in for the training system, set up by a liaison from that congregation. If you are not sure whether your congregation already has an account or who your liaison is, please contact Randall Curtis at

To determine which classes you or your church's employees and volunteers need to take, click the button below and fill out the form for each person.

Which classes do I need?

Background Checks

The Diocese of Arkansas has authorized Praesidium and Oxford Documentation as preferred background screening services. If a person has completed a background check with another organization in the past five years and can supply official documentation, that background check may be considered. Please contact Randall Curtis with any questions.

More Information on Background Checks