A few years ago Jeannie and I were at Camp Mitchell talking about small-group ministry and how we wish we had more dedicated small group spaces available at Camp where we could sit in a relaxing, bug-free space. When I began thinking about a way to honor Jeannie’s life and ministry in the Episcopal Church, this conversation came back to me. It is therefore my hope to raise $6,000 to construct a gazebo at Camp Mitchell in her memory.

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This gazebo is 12 ft. x 16 ft. and would seat 5–10 people for small-group discussion. We will also add a solar light to it so that it could easily be used at night. It has a bug screen that can be pulled down when needed, and which can also be removed and stowed during the winter. Our hope is that the gazebo will be located somewhere near Transfiguration Chapel and Hamilton House to ensure that it would be available to both youth and adult small groups.

In addition to the gazebo itself, seen here, we would need to pour a 17-foot square cement pad to which the gazebo will be anchored. We will also purchase a nice bronze dedicatory plaque. The total amount needed to complete the project is $6,000.

Any donations above and beyond the cost of building the gazebo will go to a scholarship fund that will allow more young people attend diocesan youth and summer camp events.

Thank you for giving in honor of Jeannie McCabe. You can donate online or send a check, made out to the Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas and noted for ‘McCabe Memorial’, to the following address:

Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
P.O. Box 164668
Little Rock, AR 72216-4668

Thank you,

Randall Curtis
Ministry Developer, The Episcopal Church in Arkansas

Jeannie McCabe