Lego Advent Calendar for Families and Friends

Advent is a wonderful time for families and children to remember our blessings as we prepare for Christmas. This Advent, the Diocese of Arkansas is offering you a free prayer supplement to go along with the popular Lego City Advent Calendar. This 24-day calendar and the coinciding prayers are focused on some of the people who serve and work in our communities. On Day 4, for example, when you build a Lego ambulance, the prayer will be, “We pray for ambulance drivers, that they may swiftly and safely carry those who are sick.” 

We hope this can be a fun Advent practice for you and your family and a way to remember the men and women who serve in our communities.

Download all 24 prayers [PDF]

The Lego Advent Calendar can be found online and in most department stores under the name Lego City Advent Calendar #60303. This set typically sells out by Thanksgiving.  The calendar and the prayers both start on December 1 and go through Christmas Eve.

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