Keller Fund for Mission Grants

Download the 2018 Keller Grant Packet

The Christoph and Caroline Keller Fund for Mission is a Trust Fund of the Diocese of Arkansas created to assist in funding program for mission outreach.


Cash grants are given to support mission outreach with priority given to projects involved in Mission of the Diocese of Arkansas and of the Episcopal Church beyond the Diocese of Arkansas. Programs not directly definable as part of the Mission of the Episcopal Church may be considered, if such programs have strong Episcopal Church leadership and are endorsed by a bishop of the Church.


Any individual or organization relating to the Mission of the Episcopal Church is eligible and encouraged to apply for a grant.


The application for the Keller Fund for Mission grants is brief and easy to complete. Forms are available online at or by mail from:
Keller Fund for Mission
Episcopal Diocese of Arkansas
P.O. Box 164668
Little Rock AR 72216-4668


The Distribution Committee, made up of seven persons, will evaluate each proposal for its innovative educational nature, realistic goals, reasonable budget, and project activities which include involvement in the mission of the Episcopal Church. Grants may be used for materials, equipment, and other items necessary to carry out the proposed project. Priority is given to requests for assistance in the initiation of new programs, and it is unusual for the same individual or organization to receive grants in consecutive years. Applicants should also understand that the Keller Fund for Mission is not large, so that maximum grants are normally less than $4,000.


During the evaluation period for which the grant is made, a representative of the Distribution Committee may visit a grant recipient to review the project’s progress. Upon completion of the project, the grant recipient is expected to submit a brief written report and a budget summary.

  1. Funds must be used during the year for which application is made. The Application Form should be filled in with type-written responses and the requested supporting documents should be single-spaced on white paper (8.5x11), typed on one side only.
  2. The Application Form should be accompanied by a one page summary of the background and purpose of the request in narrative form which includes the following: - A brief description of your organization and what it does. - The reason why your organization is qualified and able to complete the project successfully. - How the project relates to the purpose of your organization. - An acknowledgment of other organizations involved in addressing the same problem and why your organization should also be involved. - An identification of key persons involved in planning your project.If the application is a congregation (or organization within a congregation), this summary should be co-signed by the rector or vicar and the senior warden. If the applicant is an institution or other agency, this summary should be co-signed by the chair of the board of directors and the executive director (or by officers with functions similar to those two positions).
  3. The Application Form should also be accompanied by a letter of support for the project from the Bishop, Bishop Coadjutor, or a Bishop Suffragan of the applicant’s diocese.
  4. An itemized budget must also be submitted. This document should clearly show total project costs, the amount requested from the Keller Fund for Mission, amounts provided by the applying organization, and the amounts from other sources.
  5. A copy of your organization’s previous year’s financial statement is also required.