Standards and Health Insurance Plan Offerings for 2020

The diocese is creating the Standards and Plan Offerings for 2020 that explains lay and clergy medical and dental insurance, as well as pension benefits. Check back at the end of October for the updated information. View that information online below or download a PDF version.

You can view and download a chart that compares the plans in detail.

The diocese will offer three Medical Trust Health Insurance plans in 2020, including a new plan for relatively low-paid employees who cannot afford the cost-charing of premiums that may be required for employees:

Name Employee-only coverage Family coverage
Blue Cross Consumer Directed plan with HSA funding $9,856 $21,674
Blue Cross PPO 80/50 $9,300 $21,396
Blue Cross PPO 90/50 $10,272 $23,638

The diocesan minimum standard is that the employer pays the first $8,500 in insurance costs for employee-only coverage. Employees pay the difference for the plan that they choose, unless that local congregation or other employer has established a higher benefit that is available to all qualified employees, lay and ordained. For example, the standard in the diocesan office for its employees is that the office pays $8,500 toward the cost of employee-only coverage, or $14,300 toward the cost of a family plan, provided that family coverage is under an Episcopal Church Medical Trust plan.

This diocese has an annual enrollment period in which employees already insured by the Episcopal Church Medical Trust go online and confirm the insurance coverage they wish to receive in 2020. Other employees seeking initial enrollment must contact the diocesan office during the open enrollment period.

For Assistance

For more information on benefits for current employees or to enroll new employees contact Mary Jane Hodges at 501-372-2168 ext. 3 or

For information on plan design, tax, and reporting information, contact Mary Jane Hodges at 501-372-2168 ext. 3 or

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