I am not certain how long COVID-19 will remain virulent among us, but I am certain that as Christians, the second Great Commandment should undergird the responses we make: “Love your neighbor as yourself.”
Bishop Larry Benfield

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01 April 2020

Holy Week and Easter in the Time of COVID-19

The Christian Church across the world is preparing for a Holy Week and Easter unlike any we have known. We will not be gathering in person, either to observe the Passion or to celebrate the Resurrection. It does not mean, however, that we will not find ways to gather.

On Monday I had a Zoom meeting with members of the clergy to discuss the varied ways that we are going to lead our congregations this next week. Some of us are going to lead online worship, some will record worship, and some will encourage parishioners to virtually join other congregations.

We will not have “drive-by” or “in the parking lot outdoors” services. The health risk is simply too great. Neither will we attempt what some people call “long distance” consecration of bread and wine. We want to respect the essential traditions of the church that have seen us through other plagues throughout our 2,000-year history.

I encourage you to join in services online as you can, and also spend your own time in prayer in your homes. I also encourage you to find your own acts of compassion in the coming week, be it watching out for a neighbor, calling an isolated person, or donating to help others who are fearfully struggling with finances. The Holy Week and Easter messages after all, are about dying to one way of existence and being raised to a new way of life. This is the life we can live whether we are able to gather in church or not.

Larry Benfield
Bishop of Arkansas

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Bishop Benfield

Online Worship Services

Churches across the Diocese of Arkansas are already livestreaming services via Facebook, YouTube, and Zoom to reach those that are unable to come to church. Below is a list we will be updating. Please contact us if your congregation is streaming services and you don't see it listed here.

All Saints’, Bentonville (Facebook, Sunday 11 a.m.; Morning Prayer)

All Saints’, Paragould (Facebook, Sunday 10 a.m.)

All Saints’, Russellville (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m.)

Christ Church, Little Rock (Youtube, Sunday 8 a.m., 10 a.m., 6 p.m. and Wednesday 12:05 p.m.)

Grace Church, Siloam Springs (Youtube, Sunday 10 a.m. and Formation)

St. Alban’s Stuttgart (Facebook)

St. Andrew’s, Marianna (Zoom – click "enter church" – Sunday 9:45 a.m.)

St. Bartholomew’s, Fort Smith (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m.)

St. James’, Magnolia (Zoom, Sunday 11 a.m. – ID 326-915-5438)

St. John’s, Fort Smith (Facebook, Sunday 8 a.m.)

St. Luke’s, Hot Springs (Youtube, Sunday 10:45 a.m.; Facebook, Morning Prayer)

St. Luke’s, North Little Rock, (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday 12 noon)

St. Mark’s, Little Rock (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m. and Daily Offices)

St. Mary’s, El Dorado (Facebook)

St. Matthew's, Benton (Zoom, Sunday 11 a.m. and Formation)

St. Michael's, Little Rock (Zoom, Sunday 10 a.m.)

St. Paul's, Batesville (Zoom, Sunday 10:30 a.m. and Morning Prayer)

St. Paul’s, Fayetteville (Youtube, Sunday 8:45 and 11 a.m.)

St. Peter’s, Conway (Facebook, Sunday 11 a.m. and Daily Offices)

St. Stephen's, Jacksonville (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 and Wednesday 12 noon)

Trinity Cathedral, Little Rock (Youtube)

Trinity Church, Pine Bluff (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m. and Wednesday 12 noon)

Trinity Church, Searcy (Facebook, Sunday 10:30 a.m., Daily Offices, book studies)


How Do We Stream Our Services?

Need some help streaming your services? Watch this tutorial on an easy smartphone setup anyone can use. You can also find Facebook Live instructions here and here.