The Executive Council is responsible, along with the bishop, of the oversight of the diocese. It approves the diocesan budget and establishes diocesan policies. It meets six times per year to advise the bishop and support the ministry of the Episcopal Church in Arkansas. Term (unless otherwise noted): 3 years.

The Standing Committee serves as an advice council to the bishop. It is responsible for approving all ordinations to the priesthood or diaconate. It also approves the encumbrance of sale of any real estate owned by the diocese, a parish, or a mission. In the event that there is no bishop, the committee serves as this diocese’s ecclesiastical authority. Clergy members of the committee must be residents of the diocese for at least three years. Lay members must be at least 24 years old, confirmed communicants, and residents of the diocese for at least three years. Term (unless otherwise noted): 3 years.

The Board of Review receives any complaints about misconduct on the part of a member of the clergy, and then decides, in conjunction with the bishop, what further action is needed to resolve the issue. Members must be adult communicants in good standing and residents of the diocese. Term (unless otherwise noted): 3 years.

The Camp Mitchell Board of Trustees is in charge of the management of the camp, setting camp policy and overseeing the work of the camp’s executive directors. The Camp Mitchell Board shall consist of 11 members: one elected from the Episcopal Youth Community, five elected at large from the Diocese, and five appointed by the Bishop. The Bishop, or his or her designee, shall serve as an ex officio member of the board. Term (unless otherwise noted): 3 years.

The Board of Trustees is the Bishop’s principal advisory panel in the investment and management of the capital funds and assets of the Diocese. The board consists of the Bishop and the Chancellor and the Treasurer, as ex-officio members, and six persons canonically resident in the Diocese; that is to say, two members of the clergy and four lay persons who shall serve for terms of six years. Two of the lay persons shall be appointed by the Bishop. For the four elected members, the terms shall be so arranged that one member of the clergy and one lay person shall be elected at every third Annual Convention of the Diocese. Persons elected or appointed to the Board shall have knowledge of investments and money management and should have experience in banking, investment banking, financial services or investment advisory services. Term (unless otherwise noted): 6 years.

The University of the South (Sewanee) Board of Trustees gathers each October to approve the election of the university’s regents and take any other action deemed necessary by the school’s by-laws. Lay members must be communicants of the diocese. Learn more at Sewanee’s website. Term (unless otherwise noted): 3 years.

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