Bishop Benfield’s Address to Diocesan Convention

February 13, 2021 It was only a year ago that I stood at diocesan convention and told you that one of the best ways I know of gauging a congregation’s health is in the quality of its potluck lunches. Given what happened to the entire concept of public health a month after I made that comment, I have come to … Read More

An Update on Worship During the Pandemic

Nov. 18, 2020 The governor of Arkansas and the Arkansas Department of Health have issued revised guidance for worship as we enter the holiday period, with the goal of attempting to control the spread of the coronavirus. The governor’s latest guidance recommends that churches not use a choir, but instead use a soloist who stands at least twelve feet from … Read More

Latest Recommendations for In-Person Meetings

Sept. 23, 2020 As I wrote in a memo to congregational leaders yesterday, it is obvious that the pandemic is going to remain a central part of our lives for some time to come, and its impact will vary from location to location. In response to questions about how we proceed, and after seeing the steps various churches are taking … Read More

New Recommendation on When to Consider In-Person Worship

This Monday the bishops of the Episcopal Church had a Zoom meeting with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the future of worship, given the Covid-19 pandemic. The hopeful news that he wanted us to share with you is that there is going to be an end to this pandemic; we will one day return to worship as we have known … Read More

VIDEO: Guidelines for Distributing Holy Communion

Guidelines for Distributing Holy Communion Effective June 28, 2020 Covid-19 continues to infect large numbers of people. We are not certain what future infection rates might look like. The rate of infection varies from county to county in Arkansas; there are many locations where continuing online worship should be the only way that congregations gather, but there are locations where—with … Read More

Regarding Camp Mitchell’s Pause in Operations

An Update from Bishop Benfield Many of you may have watched the video I released last week, announcing that operations at Camp Mitchell will be temporarily paused beginning July 5. At Diocesan Convention in February, I reported on the increasingly large operating losses of the camp and appointed a task force to see what the next steps should be. As the task force … Read More