Blogging the “Blue Book”

Over at Seven Whole Days, Episcopal priest Scott Gunn is blogging (slogging?) his way through the Blue Book [PDF download] in the weeks leading up to General Convention. He explains each resolution and then gives his likely vote.

In today’s post, the 17th in the series, he takes a look at mission and evangelism:

“A070: Develop a Multimedia-Based Evangelism Guide. Likely vote: YES.

Ordinarily, I would oppose this on the grounds that resource development is best done by networks or various organizations within the church. However, we are so colossally bad at evangelism as a church, that I am in favor of almost anyone trying their hand at producing material. One important request, however: can this evangelism guide please talk about Jesus? There’s a lot of talk about tools, storytelling, and community organizing. We need all those things. But more than that, we need Jesus, and we need to share the Good News with others. That is evangelism, and nothing less will do.”

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