“How we help hurting people lead lives with dignity is now at the forefront of the work we do.”

A Note from Bishop Benfield

The Bishop’s Fund at Work

Assisting people.
Assisting congregations.
Assisting organizations that do God’s work.

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If there is an upside to the pandemic we have experienced this past year and a half, it is that so many of our congregations found ways to connect with people outside the church. For instance, on my recent visits I have seen more food pantries than I had ever seen in prior years, and the amount of food and supplies they are distributing is amazing. To support this work, the Bishop’s Fund has donated about $30,000 this year to congregational food pantries. I am honored that donations from people such as you have made this work possible.

But the work has not stopped there. St. Francis House, headquartered in Little Rock and under the oversight of the diocese, received a $4,000 gift to assist with a vehicle purchase for its work. Other organizations that work with people who are in need have received four-figure gifts as well, including the Arkansas Foodbankand Habitat for Humanity. And the fund has similarly been the source of four-figure gifts to help people who are attempting to turn their lives around, including a Magdalene House for women in El Dorado, the Hope Cottages in Harrison, and Oxford Houses for men in west and northwest Arkansas.

Outside Arkansas, the fund has supported the work of the Episcopal Church’s work in Navajoland, where money has helped do such things as repair buildings used by our Native American congregations there. It has responded to the immigration crisis on the Texas border and assisted this denomination’s migration ministry across the United States. It has also supported individuals with personal and pressing needs, such as rent assistance, and has contributed toward the work of Episcopal religious orders and outreach efforts through the presiding bishop’s office.

All this work is possible due to your generosity. So far this year, the fund has distributed over $75,000. I am asking you to join me in donating to the fund so that this important work can continue.Your gift is tax deductible and can be made online or via a check made payable to the Diocese of Arkansas, noted for the Bishop’s Fund, and mailed to the following address:

Diocese of Arkansas
P.O. Box 164668
Little Rock, AR 72216.

Together, we can serve the risen Christ who comes to us in the guise of a multitude of women, men, and children. As Holy Scripture reminds us, when we serve others, we serve Christ’s own self.

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