Bishop Benfield’s Sermon at Holy Trinity, Hot Springs Village, December 5, 2010

Lately everyone has been fascinated by the notion of energy independence, even if we are not truly trying to become independent, and the poster child for it is the hybrid car. A Prius is now a status symbol, just like, but oh so very different from, the Hummer a few years back. The Prius is in some ways the tangible sign of a heavenly vision: cities full of electric cars zipping around on elevated roadways, not polluting, quite, even idyllic, not that far from the science fiction cartoon books of the 1950s.

I myself want that vision of clean cars one day to become a complete reality. But I must remind you that we consumers all excited about pollution-free cities do not see what it takes to make that vision possible.  Read more here: sermon Advent 2 year A 2010 RCL