Arkansas Rice Depot’s Food Backpacks

For more than 35,000 Arkansas school children and their siblings, the Arkansas Rice Depot’s Food For Kids program is the only thing that stands between them and hunger. The Arkansas Rice Depot provides new backpacks and “kid-friendly” ready-to-eat food to participating schools at no cost to the school. Through a principal-appointed program coordinator, the food is distributed to students who display educational, physical, or emotional problems at school due to hunger at home. Arkansas Rice Depot also provides food and infant items for pregnant teens, teen moms and their babies to relieve some of the burden these young women face and increase the likelihood that they will finish high school.

All children’s hunger needs are not the same. Some students may need food sent home in a backpack each night. Others may only need food sent home on Friday for the weekend. Here is a sample menu for one of the Weekend Backpacks:

Dinner: Chef Boyardee Dinner, Green Beans, Crackers, Pudding Cup
Evening Snack: Peanuts

Breakfast: Instant Oatmeal and a Fruit Cup
Lunch: Beanie Weenies, Cheese and Crackers
Mid-Day Snack: Fruit & Grain Bar
Dinner: Chicken Noodle Soup, Crackers, Pudding Cup
Evening Snack: Granola Berry Crunch Bar

Breakfast: Cereal, Applesauce
Lunch: Vienna Sausage, Corn, Fruit Cup
Mid-Day Snack: Peanut Butter Crackers
Dinner: Tamales, Green Beans, Crackers, Nut Mix
Evening Snack: Milk & Cereal Bar

Contact the Arkansas Rice Depot to learn how you and your congregation can help.

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