Church Staff Report (Due Feb. 15)

An annual report to be submitted by each church listing all current staff members, both clergy and lay, as well as salary, insurance, and pension information. This information will be used to ensure employees are receiving benefits in compliance with General Convention resolutions. No names or personal information will be disclosed.

>> Download the Church Staff Report for 2014

Vestry and Officers Report (Due Feb. 15)

An annual report to be submitted by each church listing all current vestry members, as well as officers—senior warden, junior warden, treasurer—for that year. This information will be used to keep email and contact information up to date, and to notify the correct person in each congregation.

>> Download the Vestry and Officers Report for 2014

Parochial Report (Due May 1)

The Parochial Report was established by the Episcopal Church as a tool for the collection of data that is intended to assist the church in planning for mission.

To file online, visit and enter the UserID and PIN that was issued for your congregation. In case you forgot your PIN or you need any assistance completing the form, contact Mary Jane Hodges in the bishop’s office.

You can download the Manual of Business Methods, a comprehensive, user-friendly manual provided by the National Church which supports the increasingly complex work of all treasurers and parish administrators.

Congregational Audit (Due Sept. 1)

The canons of the Diocese of Arkansas, in accordance with the canons of the General Convention, require that all congregations be audited annually.

>> Download the 2014 Audit Policy for Congregations

Diocesan Commitment (Due Dec. 15)

The Episcopal Church in Arkansas is committed to proclaiming the good news to the people of Arkansas as well as those beyond our borders. To do this, we ask ourselves to tithe at 3 levels: the personal, the congregational and the diocesan. In our diocese, we give 10% of our income to share what we have with the larger church and to remember that money is not our master. Simply put, when we share our resources we show our commitment to each other.

>> 2015 Commitment Form and Letter

You can also fill out the form online.