Sermon given by Bishop Benfield at St. John’s, Helena

Larry Benfield

Proper 17 – Year C

29 August 2010

St. John’s, Helena

People often accuse us Episcopal members of the clergy of not speaking out enough on sin, and they may be right. Here in Arkansas I generally avoid the topic like the plague. I have by and large left the message that we are miserable offenders to the denominations that like to revel in that sort of stuff, because it doesn’t sound like much good news to me. I have wanted to impress on everyone that first and foremost the church is the resurrected body of Christ, not an ethical debating society or moral superiority club. Compared to discovering the resurrected Christ in our midst, and how that discovery changes lives, sin gets second billing.

But something I read may have changed my mind. It is about us members of the clergy.  That reference ought to perk up the ears of you lay people; it is always more salacious when “sin” and “clergy” are mentioned in the same breath.  To read more, click here: Sermon given at St. John’s, Helena; Proper 17 year C 2010