The Diocese of Arkansas recently updated its Safeguarding God’s Children policy. All people who work with children and youth in our churches must do the following: 1) submit to a background check every five years, and 2) complete Safeguarding God’s Children training every five years, either online or at a live training event.

Background Checks

The Diocese of Arkansas has authorized Praesidium and Oxford Documentation as preferred background screening services. Click for more information [PDF – update Feb. 2018].

If a person has completed a background check with another organization in the past five years and can supply official documentation, that background check may be considered. Please contact Randall Curtis with any questions.

Safeguarding God’s Children Training

Safeguarding God’s Children is a training program that teaches our employees and volunteers how to keep children in our care safe from abuse. The Diocese of Arkansas requires the following courses to be completed, either online or in person.
Meet Sam
Learn the types of sexual abusers and the methods they use to meet their own needs, and also learn how to spot interactions between adults and children that may indicate danger.

It Happened to Me
In this course, hear children and adults describe the devastating effects abuse has had on their lives, and learn about the prevalence of abuse and specific characteristics that may put some children at higher risk.

Keeping Your Church Safe
In this course, you will learn when and where abuse is most likely to occur in church programs, the steps you can take to keep children safe, and how you can protect yourself from false allegations of abuse.

The Episcopal Church in Arkansas Policies
This course outlines our policies relevant to the prevention of abuse. To complete the course, you must indicate that you have read, understand, and agree to comply with our policies.

Online Training

The Diocese of Arkansas now offers Safeguarding God’s Children Online. It is Internet-based. You just log on with a high-speed Internet connection and complete your courses. Each step-by-step course ends with a brief quiz to ensure that you understand all of this important information. You’ll also have a chance to provide feedback on the course content and usability.

To sign up for Safeguarding Online, your parish needs an administrator who can sign up individuals in your congregation and send letters of completion to the participants. For more information or to set up an administrator account, email Randall Curtis.

Live Training

Your church can also host a live training. Contact Randall Curtis for a list of trainers in the diocese.