The following documents contain information about the various benefits available to employees in the Episcopal Church. If you are a lay employee, you can view a lay benefits webinar with Mary Jane Hodges online. For questions email Beth Matthews or Mary Jane Hodges in the diocesan office or call 501-372-2168.

**Health Insurance Open Enrollment for 2016**The diocese has created a document, 2017 Standards and Plan Offerings, that explains lay and clergy medical and dental insurance, including Denominational Health Plan (DHP) requirements.

Online open enrollment is Nov. 7–23, 2016. Employees currently enrolled in the Medical Trust can go to the website to access and make necessary changes to their record. Each enrolled employee received his or her personal log-in information from the Episcopal Church Medical Trust on or about Nov. 2.

All eligible employees not currently enrolled in Medical Trust, and those who want to enroll in Delta Dental, should email Beth Matthews in the diocesan office.

Health & Dental Insurance


Medical Insurance


Dental Insurance

Employees vs. Independent Contractors

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