“When you give to the Bishop’s Fund, children attend Camp Mitchell, unexpected bills are paid, and people are trained for future ministry.”

A Note from Bishop Benfield

Your Gift Makes It Possible

The Bishop’s Fund
Assisting people.
Assisting congregations.
Assisting organizations that do God’s work.

Give Now

Each year the Bishop’s Fund makes life a bit easier for individuals, congregations, and organizations that do God’s work. While the diocesan operating budget is program-oriented, the Bishop’s Fund is targeted toward unexpected needs—when a donation can make a huge difference. For example, when there is a personal financial need, such as assistance after a storm, the Bishop’s Fund is a source of funding for such things as gift cards so that people can go on with their lives. When a congregation has an unexpected expense and little money, the Fund can help. And when organizations such as the Arkansas Food Bank run short on food, the Fund is there with money for additional food purchases.

No money from the diocesan budget goes to the Bishop’s Fund, and no money in the Fund is used to support the office of the bishop. Donations are used to support people and organizations that need help. Here are but a few of the ways we have used your gifts this year:

  • $6,500 has supported individuals with personal financial needs.
  • $22,000 has supported such programs as the Arkansas Food Bank, and support with chapel improvements in an Arkansas prison.
  • $2,000 has supported the important work of raising up priests in the church’s missionary efforts in Navajoland, a rural area in the Four Corners part of the United States.
  • $9,000 has supported chaplaincy to retired clergy and special projects at Camp Mitchell.
  • Several thousand dollars from this fund and a special fund for disaster relief have been used to help Arkansans whose lives were devastated by this spring’s floods.
Give Now

I hope you will join me in the effort to provide such assistance in the future. It is one of the ways we go beyond the “daily business” of the church, and thus make a difference in the lives of others.

You may donate online or by sending a check made payable to the Diocese of Arkansas, noted for the Bishop’s Fund, to the following address:

Diocese of Arkansas
P.O. Box 164668
Little Rock, AR 72216.

You can also make a gift of stock (receive transfer instructions by contacting Mary Jane Hodges in the diocesan office). All gifts are tax deductible.

I remain deeply thankful to everyone who makes this vital work possible.